Wesox Consortium



Domains like energy, environment and concerning these, the research and development activities are nowadays and will be even more in the future in the focus of attention of politics, economy, as well as the mass media and they are dealt with in separate development portfolios.
According to the new framework conditions - higher pressure on costs, changes of small business rules of the law about waste material management, the founding of a European and world register for harmful materials, and finally the trade with “emission shares ”, - it looks reasonable to take into consideration the possibilities, which, first of all by increasing general efficiency, aim at saving energy and at the advantages of emission reduction. The Oxyfuel-technology makes possible the reduction of fuel requirement up to 70% with a higher efficiency degree and decrements the CO2 emission up to 80%. (Internet: „oxyfuel“, „oxy fuel“ by Google, o.a.
Industry and economy had a positiv reaction to the idea of oxyfuel-technology, so now they make their investments according to this direction, carrying out international projects like ADECOS, Cooretec, ALSTOM, etc. On the one hand the increasing prices of fuel, and on the other hand the high costs of the right of emmission of CO2, are an essential burden for industry and economy. So it is high time to implement as quickly as possible new technologies and methods, like oxyfuel. The rationalisation/ the increase of efficiency of the energy sources and the reduction of toxic gas emmission are immediately needed and indispensible.
The economic - and financial institutions prognosticate in this section of the market a big potential and need. Oxyfuel-technology, a newcomer- and a branch with prestige, expects to achieve in the future an exponentially increasing interest and sales market if the turnover of goods is appropriate. It enjoys increasing interest on the part of Economic- /Financial institutes, politics and of the media.


The kernel der oxyfuel-technology is based on the continuous stand by of the simultaneous-oxygen in continuous-batch or continuous-batch-store procedure. Oxygen tanks/ -bottles have no room here. The well-known gas producers can hardly be considered as Oxyfuel suppliers. A traditional system for oxygen and other gases is the air decomposition plant, which is used at present for mammoth-calciners like power plants, charcoal plants, metalurgy, fineries.
The air decomposition plant is connected to high investments and intensive operating costs. Beside it consumes much energy even if used in big quantities. The efficiency is, according to specialists, moderate but very important. Economy is calculated on big calciners with constant functioning, carried out mainly with the own energy source.
For medium plants loxygen is used at present. Loxygen has high purchase price, causes dependencies and logistical problems. With loxygen the continuous-batch-store procedure is only possible with restrictions. Subventions are regularly needed. For little plants, like heating systems or mobile plants like motor drive calciners, there is no efficient solution at present according to professional literature. However it must be taken into consideration, that concerning oxyfuel-technology there are made continuous researches and developments.
FIRST–MOVER ADVANTAGE is valid here too.


The Wesox-system is something different. The Wesox-system, as the result of bionical-research, is based on the principle of the functioning of „our lungs“. With the help of a black-box-carrier module, that presents a lung, air is separated from oxygen, it is concentrated and it is transported to the calciner in the needed quantity. This is a refined oxyfuel system according to the motto: “the elefant has got a lung but the fly has got one too and it flies with it”. The Wesox–system optimizes the above mentioned negative-factors of the traditional plants clearly and it can be used in an efficient way with large-, medium- and little plants. The Wesox-system is appropriate for stationary-, semimobile- and mobile plants. The Wesox-modules can be used in the needed/dimensioned quantity, they are problemless, they can be enlarged and are adaptive in an advantagous way also in terms of the costs. The Wesox-system with its quality of supplier of Simultaneous-Oxygen in continuous-batch or continuous-batch-store procedure on Bionical-Basis, uses qualified groups of ionic liquids without problems and it is entirely antipolluting.

  • Oxygen of Premium-quality.
  • Unique-Selling-Proposition, high grade of innovation, with essential characteristics which make it different from similar competitive products.
  • Know-how ensured by patent.
  • Good positioning of the own products in the life cycle.
  • High affinity for modernity. - Entry-barrier for present and future competitors. 
  • Clear definition of the market sections.