Wesox System

Technical developments have to fulfill in the future, more than any other time before, an ultimate task towards the environment. “Real time” oxygen: the Oxy Fuel, will definitely play an important role due to the WESOX system. With WESOX will be possible for the first time to activate in a secure, environmentally protective and maximally economical way the advantages of the oxygen within the combustion technique. It is a real chance, which will give a totally new definition to the combustion methods, boundlessly and uncompromisingly.   

Oxy fuel mobile system for driving energy OXY FUEL STATIONARY SYSTEM FOR BURNING ENERGY

The future of the combustion technique with OXY FUEL TECHNOLOGY

The new WESOX system represents a revolution in the combustion technique. Due to the newest knowledge in the oxygen research, ecological and economical interests are joined and the logical answer is given in a unique, innovative and convincing way to problems of allocation, use and saving of energy, as well as to problems of process optimizing and flue gas reduction. 

The WESOX combustion technique, as a result of bionic research, borrows its functioning principle from our lungs. With the help of a “Black box “– Carrier- module, oxygen is separated from the air, and it is submitted to the combustion process in a concentrated form and according to the needs. The combustion takes place in this way in an optimized oxidation atmosphere, with a higher grade of efficiency free of nitrogen, which is the most essential cause of harmful combustion rests. This procedure solves many problems at one stroke. Due to the lessening of flue gas volume the cost on catalytic systems is drastically reduced. The WESOX system is internationally protected by the patent law (2007).

The WESOX system can be used everywhere, where combustion takes place: vehicle technique, machines and driving–gear technique, heating systems, power stations, refineries and other combustion systems.

Oxygen Carrier Procedures

Basically the combustion process is set off by the oxygen existing in the air mixture. Knowing this, the WESOX system uses a convincingly simple principle: it produces “real time” oxygen. That means, in that according to theneed, the oxygen is concentrated from the existing air and at the same time according to need it is submitted to the combustion process as a controllableand regulable Oxy Fuel, without using critical, unpractical or uneconomical oxygen tanks. Changing the physical parameters can modify the reception and the passing speed of the oxygen as well as its capacity.